LEI as a legal entity identifier is used to identify companies worldwide. The issuer of the LEI-number is the GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) based in Switzerland. It authorizes approved LOU (Local Operating Unit) partners and RA (Registration Agents) to issue, modify and renew LEI numbers according to a standard procedure.

Every institution (UK.Ltd., PLC, Limited company, Sole Proprietorship, OHG,..) that buys, sells or issues financial instruments (shares, funds, bonds) is required to have a valid LEI number. This also applies to all institutions that invest exclusively in securities accounts.

Why us?

LEI.NET was founded in 2021 by F.I.D. GmbH, a subsidiary of Sherpa Group GmbH. As an ‘Official Registration Agent of Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH we take care of the registration, administration and renewal of our clients’ LEIs. Our goal is to provide companies, institutions and foundations with quick and easy access to LEI registration.

That’s why our customer service is always there to answer your questions. In addition to applying for new LEI numbers, we also offer automatic renewal of existing LEI numbers. Through our free LEI database, you can access published LEIs and related business information at any time.

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