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75€ / 1 año


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Dirección de la entidad

¿La dirección de la sede es idéntica a la dirección legal?


Dirección de la sede central

¿Es la empresa propiedad de otra empresa?


¿Consolida la empresa matriz los estados financieros/el informe anual?


¿Es la empresa matriz la que se consolida en última instancia?


Empresa matriz

¿Puede facilitar los datos de la empresa matriz?


Suba el último estado financiero consolidado de la empresa matriz para demostrar la relación.

Motivo por el que no se facilitan datos

Empresa matriz definitiva

¿Puede facilitar los datos de la empresa matriz?


Suba el último estado financiero consolidado de la empresa matriz para demostrar la relación.

Motivo por el que no se facilitan datos


Plan seleccionado: Starter

Duración: 1 año

Coste total: 79€

What is meant by LEI renewal?

The issued LEI number is valid for exactly one year. This means that it must be renewed on the exact day on which it loses its validity. If this deadline is not met, your LEI number will be inactivated until it is renewed. This renewal process is necessary to ensure that the data in the international LEI database is up-to-date in order to make transactions in the global financial market as transparent and secure as possible.

How can I renew an LEI?

To renew your LEI number, simply fill out the form provided. The existing LEI number or the company name is required for this. Company information that has changed will need to be re-entered here. If you want to automate this process, feel free to look at our subscription offer of 3 or 5 years.

We can only do the renewal if your LIE number is managed by us. If you are currently with another service provider, please use the transfer form.

What is meant by an LEI number?

Entrepreneurs can use an LEI number to conduct financial transactions. All necessary data can be viewed on the basis of the LEI number, for example, by a business partner. The data of all LEI number holders is recorded in a global database (GLEIS). This is publicly accessible and provides a concrete query after a few minutes.

The LEI number is issued by a transnational institution called GLEIF (Global Entitiy Identifier Foundation). This institution, which has been in existence since 2014, is based in Basel. LOUS (Local Operation Units) and Registration Agents are affiliated with it. The entrepreneur can apply for his LEI number via these. Simply fill out the form and send the application form. You have the choice between different options. If you need the LEI number for several years, you can apply for an automated renewal in different models right away. An LEI number is only valid for one year and must then be renewed. If you have a contract for several years, we will take care of the renewal.

The issuance of an LEI number usually takes 24 hours after we receive the payment. Several payment methods are offered to make the processing process as smooth as possible.

Business advantages of the LEI number

The Legal Entity Identifier model has been quickly adopted by legal systems around the world and thus follows an internationally standardized process. With the help of the digital capture method of entrepreneurial data, banks, for example, can much more efficiently verify necessary data for potential customers, which significantly reduces the associated administrative burden. This also prevents potential customers from being lost during the collection process due to the length and complexity of the process as well as the information they have to pass on. Thus, both financial losses can be prevented and unnecessary administrative costs can be reduced.

The widespread adoption of LEIs results in a significant reduction of risk associated with transactions in the global financial marketplace. By using a company’s information generated digitally using the LEI number, you know who you are transacting with and who owns it. By accessing this information, you can reliably assess risks and make informed decisions.